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Trudeau sold Canada to McKinsey

The McKinsey affair continues to splash the Trudeau government in spectacular fashion. The latter is following one scandal after another, in the social, political and media complaisance.

In a parliamentary commission, on January 30, 2023, we learned that Trudeau had signed an OPEN contract in 2015 with the McKinsey firm until the year 2100 (Two thousand and one hundred) !!!! Unbelievable!

Only a corrupt government would do this without thinking.

And it goes far beyond the amounts:

Do you realize that the world government is being set up with the help of corrupt politicians who have sold out?
It’s not about money, it’s about Canadian and citizen sovereignty!

The 116 millions of Canadian $ is just the tip of the iceberg.

The question to ask is not about money but about selling Canadian sovereignty and citizenship to a company directly linked to the World Economic Forum. What a way to set up a world government.
Canada is run by an unelected entity!

This is a serious issue! Major! And #JustinOtherScandal 

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Public governance issue

There is also a major and serious risk of replacing the public service altogether.

According to Professor Clarke, this type of contract undermines a principle at the heart of the Statute of Westminster, that of a neutral, merit-based public service that is able to serve the government regardless of the party in power.


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