Open letter from nineteen Quebec physicians and health experts


Nineteen physicians and health experts (and more) sent an open letter to the Quebec College of Physicians and the Quebec Public Health Department

So, these reel experts denounce the risks associated with vaccines such as myocarditis, especially for children, the unknown long-term side effects, but especially the lack of precaution in Quebec regarding vaccines.

A powerful letter, available below for download, is very clear to this effect: Quebec has not properly informed people, including parents, who have consented to vaccination without checking for potential problems. The letter contains all references too in the bottom, including some Pfizer documents parts.

Yet, in the history of vaccines, there have been several unfortunate episodes: thalidomide, DES (Diethylstilbestrol), polio vaccine (see Incident Cutter: dead or disabled children), etc.
Ditto for drugs.
Pfizer is the company that has had the most fines to pay in the past: billions!

Finally, their recommandation  is loud and clear: a complete and immediate ban on the vaccination of children in Quebec against COVID-19 is necessary! 


Preliminary notice: The information contained in these pages is strictly consistent with recognized and accessible scientific knowledge. We are aware that they may offend the reader who will read them for the first time.

The information contained in this text is verifiable and comes from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna. The principles underlying this text are those found in the Civil Code of Quebec, articles 10 and 11 and of Canada as well as the code of ethics of Quebec physicians. Some fall under the Nuremberg Code.

Freedom of choice means without threat or coercion and in the case of an experimental pharmaceutical
product, without any promotion.

Informed choice means that the patient receives truthful, factual, complete and clearly expressed information.

Physicians also have an ethical duty to report public health situations about which they believe the public is poorly protected and/or poorly informed (articles 39 and 40 of the code of ethics for physicians). 

And This:

It is clear that the public is poorly served in this regard in the context of the pandemic. An experimental product of gene manipulation was presented as a “vaccine like any other”. This product has been presented as a “safe and effective vaccine”. Messages that have not been validated by science, imbued with incredible violence, have been spread, placing responsibility on the fragile shoulders of children for the illness or eventual death of one of their parents or grandparents. Citizens have been pitted against each other, always against science, by spreading the fallacious ideas of asymptomatic contamination and of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, to name but a few.

About the medias…

The media have filled the information void and proclaimed themselves the bearers and defenders of the truth. Often unqualified journalists presented established truths as “misinformation” and outright false information as scientific dogma.

The media have stigmatized all those who have questioned experimental “vaccines” by attaching degrading epithets to them: anti-vaxx, conspiratorial, irresponsible, cuckoos, anti-science, etc.

Here is the complete letter for download. PDF document


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